Chantel Marshall

Apprenticeship Mentor
I enrolled at Travis Perkins as a Management Apprentice in September 2015, this was my first experience of an apprenticeship and a full time job role and by far, the best experience I could have ever asked for. After throwing myself in to ‘branch life’ as an apprentice and working extremely hard with my networking across the apprenticeship team, it was just after a year and several months I was promoted to an Assistant Branch Manager. Following from this and my past experience as a supervisor in retail, I gained a passion for wanting to develop people personally and professionally. Shortly after being promoted to an Assistant Manager the role of a ‘Regional Apprentice Mentor’ came to light and this was something right up my street… leading me to my current position today!
I’ve gone from being an apprentice with Travis Perkins to mentoring, supporting and coaching Travis Perkins apprentices; and what a pleasure that is.