Lisa Szekely

Management Apprentice
My name is Lisa Szekely, I am 21, and currently in the process of completing my Charter Management Degree Apprenticeship within Boots UK. In my everyday role I am a Learning and Development Digital Designer, alongside the team I am part of, we look at creating efficient and innovative digital solutions for learning across multiple function in the organisation.
 After finishing college, I considered university but I soon realised it wasn’t for me as I was eager to start in the workplace, with a big brand that I knew would offer lots of future opportunities. Being able to do so and achieve a degree at the same time was the perfect setup I needed. I first completed the Future Leaders Apprenticeship in Boots. As part of the programme I had to complete the NVQ Level 3 Foundation Degree in Business Management which then led me to the amazing opportunity of carrying on with my academic development and work towards a full BA Degree, whilst seeking out lots of opportunities within the business enabling me to apply my knowledge in the organisation. 
This is a great scheme as Boots recognises the true value of having talent join the business through apprenticeships, offering great development opportunities, being part of a brand with so much heritage whilst earning and having the ability to explore the business was a great opportunity for me and the perfect set-up enabling me to reach my full potential! ­