Watch The Big Assemblies on demand

You can now watch previous Big Assembly broadcasts on demand!

Big Assembly #NAW2020

The National Apprenticeship Week (#NAW2020) took place on Monday 3 February 2020 and gives you the opportunity to hear first-hand from apprentices across the UK from companies including the BBC, Bakkavor, Morrisons & Virgin Media.

This Big Assembly is ideal for you if you want to learn about apprenticeships, and how inclusive and diverse they are!

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2019

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly took place on Wednesday 6 November 2019 and offers you the chance to hear first-hand from inspiring engineers, who are on a mission to make the world a better place

This Big Assembly is ideal for you if you want to learn about how engineering careers and how that affects our day to day.

Make the Future Live

The Big Assembly, hosted by Shell, at Make the Future Live took place on 2nd July 2019 and gave an exclusive opportunity to hear from real-life STEM role models and some of the inspiring careers that are changing our world.

This Big Assembly is ideal for you if you want to learn about how engineering impacts our world and the pathways to securing careers in STEM.

Big Assembly #NAW2019

The Big Assembly streamed live on 4th March 2019 and is now available on demand. This  Big Assembly was in the hands of the apprentices. This Big Assembly is ideal to tell you about how to apply to an apprenticeship and what the process is like, what it’s like to be an apprentice and what your career holds at the end of the apprenticeship.

We created case studies on the Apprentices who featured in the Big Assembly 2019, which you can access here.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly streamed live on 7th November 2018. We gave the Big Assembly an engineering spin to help young people take their ideas, passions and dreams and turn them into engineering careers.

It is ideal if you’d like to find out how engineering impacts the issues you care about, such as saving the environment, animal welfare, staying safe, health and entertainment.

You also have access to Tomorrow’s Engineers resources and Year of Engineering resources.

Big Assembly #NAW2018

Big Assembly 2018 streamed live on 8th March 2018, during National Apprenticeship Week and on International Women’s Day. The event focused on diversity and social mobility, you’ll hear from Apprentices and employers who’ll be sharing their stories and inviting questions from a live and virtual audience through this interactive broadcast.

Big Assembly #NAW2017

Big Assembly 2017 streamed live on 7th March 2017 during National Apprenticeship Week. This was our first in the Big Assembly streams and was there to help people find out about the new careers options for young people available in 2017 and be part of a groundbreaking event and a world record attempt!


The Big Assembly is a live digital broadcast allowing students the opportunity to discuss their careers, it is also interactive so you and your students will be able to ask questions to the panel to be answered live!

The Big Assembly has been used to broadcast to thousands of young people about their career options. From engineering and STEM to apprenticeships, there are lots of options available so there have been different events specialising in different options for them!

The Big Assembly is a mix of short inspirational films interspersed with live discussion, which will include the opportunity to take questions from viewers.

All of our previous Big Assembly events are now available for you to watch on demand. If you’re waiting for a new Big Assembly to be available on demand, you’ll have to wait to two days after the event is broadcast.

Unfortunately, when the Big Assembly is on demand, it is no longer interactive. However you will hear some of the questions from the live event in the broadcast.